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What is the Hermiston Education Foundation?

The Foundation is a 501c(3), non-profit public benefit corporation. Its purpose is to promote, facilitate and carry out academic endeavors aimed at enriching the student experience in the Hermiston School District.

What is the Mission?

The mission of the Hermiston Education Foundation is to encourage and enhance the academic, artistic, and cultural learning experiences and opportunities for the students of the Hermiston School District through community and corporate support.

Though independent from the Hermiston School District, the Hermiston Education Foundation strives to develop community involvement, resources and funding for projects and programs that are beyond the financial scope of classroom budgets.  The Hermiston Education Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees, which represents a cross-section of the Hermiston community.  The Board provides fiscal guidance, accountability and governance for the Foundation.

How will the Foundation support the District?

The Foundation will seek funding for projects that:

  1. Enhance the education of all children.
  2. Correspond to a specific teaching area.
  3. Impact a large number of children, such as a classroom.
  4. Address the district vision, along with the academic goals of each school.

How can I contact the Foundation?


Additional board members are:

  • Jerad Farley (District Employee)
  • Josh Goller (Hermiston School District Board of Directors)
  • Tricia Mooney (Superintendent of Schools)
  • Cathy Lloyd (Community Member)
  • Kristy Inman (Community Member)
  • Phillip Scheuers (Community Member)
  • Karen Sherman (Community Member)