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About Us

The Hermiston Education Foundation is committed to excellence and preparing our students for the 21st century. Helping Kids Reach Their Potential!

The Hermiston Education Foundation has a vision.

As we look to the future, we need to offer students the chance to discover, explore, and grasp opportunities beyond the bounds of the mandated curriculum. The Foundation’s mission is to empower students to explore all academic areas as well as the arts. The Foundation grants funding that provides students with the tools and knowledge to build new ideas and excitement for learning.

How will the Foundation support the District?

The Foundation will fund projects that:

  1. Enhance the education of all children.
  2. Correspond to a specific teaching area.
  3. Impact a large number of children, such as a classroom.
  4. Address the district vision, along with the academic goals of each school.

To achieve excellence, the Hermiston Education Foundation needs your help.

Every charitable gift is important. Whether you donate money, a bequest of your estate or other gifting opportunities, remember … where education and philanthropy meet, stronger citizens and communities result. We are “Helping Kids Reach Their Potential.”

Your support helps the Foundation to award Grants and Scholarships to Hermiston School District teachers.