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Hermiston Education Foundation 2022 Scholarship Application

Applicants meeting the below-listed requirements are invited to apply for a $2,500 scholarship from the Hermiston Education Foundation to be used towards the post-secondary education program of the applicant’s choice.

Scholarship Requirements:

  • Applicant must be a current graduate of Hermiston High School.
  • Applicant must have at least a 3.0-grade point average.

Factors upon which applications will be evaluated will include:

  • Academic achievements:
    • Class standing/GPA
    • Multiple Honors courses
    • Awards, Recognition
  • Community service and leadership.
  • Financial need and how you plan to pay for college.

Application Process:

  • Completed Hermiston Education Foundation Scholarship short answer questions (attached).
  • Three (3) letters of recommendation which address scholastics, leadership, service, or citizenship; one must be from other than a school official, teacher, or advisor.
  • A copy of the applicant’s high school transcripts.
  • A copy of the student aid report (SAR) showing the EFC (expected family contribution). You can print this report by logging into your FAFSA account and selecting View your Student Aid Report (SAR). Applications without the SAR will receive a penalty in the selection process.
  • Place name on top of each page.
  • Contact information (address, phone numbers).
  • Do not staple.

Completed applications must be received no later than March 31.

The selection committee will review applications and will select finalists to be interviewed. Finalists will be notified of the time and place of the interview.

Scholarship applicants will be notified of selections by April 22.

Applicants may use separate or additional pages to answer the following questions.  Place name on top of each page.  Please use numbers to correspond with the questions.  Answer questions fully.

  1. List academic achievements and recognition awards you have received.
  2. Please list the extra-curricular and community service activities in which you have participated.  (Athletics, drama, clubs, music, church, community activities, etc.)
  3. Please describe the leadership positions with which you have been involved in your school and community.
  4. Please tell us your educational goals and comment on the college you plan to attend, the course of study you have chosen, and your thoughts and reasons on why you made these decisions.
  5. Explain the costs associated with your post-secondary education program, your financial needs for the upcoming year, and your efforts to address those needs (work, savings, scholarships, etc.).
  6. Please tell us about yourself (a short paragraph) to help us get to know you.

Along with these short answer responses, you need to provide three (3) letters of recommendation which address scholastics, leadership, service, or citizenship, one of which must be from a non-school reference; and a copy of your high school transcript. Note:  Applications without one letter of recommendation from a non-school reference will be considered incomplete.

Your complete application package must be received by March 31 to be considered by the committee.  Incomplete applications will not be considered. The application packages will be evaluated and finalists selected for a short interview.  All finalists will be notified of the time and place for their interviews.

Scholarship applicants will be notified of selections by April 22.

Please mail your completed applications, to be received by March 31, to:

Hermiston Education Foundation
PO Box 1096
Hermiston, OR 97838

Alternatively, you may leave your completed application at the Hermiston High School Counseling office, again, no later than March 31.