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The Foundation will use a grant process that carefully considers the purpose, scope, and educational impact of each proposal.

What form will grants take?

The Hermiston Education Foundation may support two levels of classroom grants:  Basic Grants (up to $1,000) and Limited Grants (up to $5,000).

Two determining factors in awarding grants will be the project’s ability to provide significant enhancement to children’s education and to what extent the project supports improvement goals.

When will grants be funded?

Completed grants are accepted twice a year. The application is available online and also at each school. Grant applications for the current cycle are due to Briana Cortaberria at the District Office by Thursday, October 26, 2017, at 4:00 p.m.

In an extraordinary or time sensitive circumstance, an out of cycle grant could be considered, for review by the grant committee and approval by the HEF board. In such a situation, please contact Briana Cortaberria via email

Instructions to complete and submit the application electronically:

  1. Review the Basic Grant Information document.
  2. Review and sign the Statement of Understanding.
  3. Print the Grant Checklist.
  4. Download the Application Here (MS Word Format) – Right click and choose “Save As”.
  5. Complete the application on your computer and print it out.
  6. Submit the completed application and one copy of the Statement of Understanding to your building principal

How will grants be measured?

Click here for the grant scoring rubric used by the scoring committee:

How will the Foundation support the District?

The Foundation will fund projects that:

  1. Enhance the education of all children.
  2. Correspond to a specific teaching area.
  3. Impact a large number of children, such as a classroom.
  4. Address the district vision, along with the academic goals of each school.